We invite you to check out what our customers are saying about Beaker’s Parrot Place! 

Here is a picture of Fawkes, a Congo African Grey. Fawkes wants to give us some feedback and she is looking for just the right letters in Amy’s Alphabet and Vegetable Barley Organic Soup.  Just kidding – enjoy what our customers have to say about their experiences working with us.

Jeremy and Elena
Beaker and Rosie’s flock leaders

Customer Comments 2016

“I had a wonderful experience from beginning to end! I contacted Elena and Jeremy back in October 2016 about a ringneck baby… they kept me updated via phone calls/email through the whole process. They are so easy to talk to and do a wonderful job of raising your baby. You can tell they truly care about each bird that they handle, they ask a lot of questions and make sure you know/ understand the type of bird you are getting. I have such a sweet natured ringneck girl and adore her. I didn’t have a preference in boy/ girl or color, but they were willing to search high and low for what my heart desired. What i love about them is when I first contacted them, they didn’t try to talk me into a different bird they had on hand like i experienced with other breeders. They don’t ship.. but it makes sense because they encourage you to engage with your baby as they hand raise it. For any person not sure about who to go to I’d really encourage you to just talk to these 2 and you won’t have any doubts about who you get your baby from!

Andrea Walker (June 25, 2017 – Beaker’s Parrot Place Facebook)

“It is evident how much Elena and Jeremy care for these sweet babies. You will find it is well worth the price to pay for this special hand rearing process. We could not be more thrilled with our baby and would highly recommend Beakers to anyone looking to add a special feathered friend to their family. They are kind and extremely knowledgeable and super easy to work with. May you be as blessed as we are! Thank you Beakers!”

Teresa Payne Lee (February 16, 2017 – Beaker’s Parrot Place Facebook)

“We have had Pineapple Joe now for almost a month and he is doing great. We appreciate the service and support we received from Beaker’s Parrot Place. We went home with a packet of information that had every essential and a great deal of bonus info so that we could get a perfect start with our new bird. Our other birds are really happy to have been turned on to the herb salad and new foods that came with Bro Joe. I highly encourage anyone who is considering getting a bird to work with Elena and Jeremy at Beaker’s Parrot Place. Even us “experienced” bird owners learned so much and can really see what a difference it makes to receive a bird that is hand raised. Thank you Beaker’s Parrot Place!”

Merianne Bigler Jordan (January 16, 2017 – Beaker’s Parrot Place Facebook)

“By far the best buying experience I’ve ever had. Her home was beautiful and anyone could easily tell that the birds were both comfortable and happy. She gives you plenty of paperwork to read over for extra knowledge on your feathered baby. She also has a toy shop and sells her own food, treat, and herb mixes! I was completely impressed by my visit there and would highly recommend that anyone wishing to accept the love of a new bird make the drive to Beaker’s. It was absolutely worth it.”

Aylssa Douglass (January 3, 2017 – Beaker’s Parrot Place Facebook)

“Wonderful people and wonderful birds! I just picked up my Eclectus Parrot this weekend, she is healthy and happy. Thanks guys!!”

Christina Demmert (December 12, 2016 – Beaker’s Parrot Place Facebook)

“We picked up Nika, our new African Grey Timneh from Beaker’s last week. She’s a little over 3 months old and as cute as could be! We first saw her in September and had several subsequent visits to get acquainted. The care & nurturing Beaker’s provides makes a huge difference! Nika already flies, is comfortable with people, and loves new experiences. We just took her to the vet for a checkup and the vet was estactic about Nika and how well she handled things, saying “you got a good one”. We agree! Thanks for all your expertise and the wonderful care you provide!”

Mark Dahl (November 1, 2016 – Beaker’s Parrot Place Facebook)

“Thank you Elena and Jeremy for everything you do! You raised our baby Timneh for us and I could not express enough appreciation to you, guys! We absolutely love out new addition! Excellent communication, organization and service! Much appreciated! Will surely come back again!”

Natasha Haire (October 31, 2016 – Beaker’s Parrot Place Facebook)

“Elena and Jeremy are AMAZING! They made my wish come true! I’ve been wanting an African Grey for years!! And if it weren’t for them, I may never have gotten one. My husband LOVES our baby Liko and he is so happy! He’s so sweet! Thank you! “

Stacey Nixon (October 31, 2016 – Bird Breeders.com)

“I loved working with Elena and Jeremy they are amazing at what they do and love these birds with a passion! And it really shows when you get to take your baby bird home and they’re already well socialized. I will be doing business with them in the future.”

Teann Rivera (October 24, 2016 – Bird Breeders.com)

“I can not express enough how wonderful this family is. We have purchased 2 birds now and appreciate all they do for us.”

Carey Dillon Smith (October 7, 2016 – Beaker’s Parrot Place Facebook)

“Love this place they are the best. If you want a bird ,this is the only place to go.”

Julie Crofford (September 28, 2016 – Beaker’s Parrot Place Facebook)

“I was very impressed by the knowledge and quality of their birds. The owners were very warm and inviting. The birds love to be held by customers. You will fall in love. We bought Noah who is quite a character and he is loving to travel with us.”

Sandra Foote-Gregory (September 3, 2016 – Beaker’s Parrot Place Facebook)

“We now have a new addition to our family from Beakers Place, it’s a Hahn Macaw. His name is Miles. Thanks Elena and Jeremy you two are the best!!!! Love y’all and your flock 🙂

Elana Henderson (September 1, 2016 – Beaker’s Parrot Place Facebook)

“We came to Beaker’s shortly after losing our little Meyers. Elena did an excellent job of helping us explore other species that would be right for us (as well as provide a bit of grief counseling). We brought Yoshi, a blue-headed pionus, home a couple of days ago. She is so well adjusted you wouldn’t know she just moved in. Yoshi was reluctant to switch from formula to solid food, so Elena and Jeremy let things progress in Yoshi time. It meant we waited longer, but it also meant we came home with a bird that was ready to succeed in a new environment. Elena and Jeremy have been great about sharing information about parrot needs, and we appreciate that they’re willing to continue to offer support after a bird has gone to a new home. Thanks for a wonderful experience!

Beth McGowan (August 23, 2016 – Beaker’s Parrot Place Facebook)

“Best place ever if you are a bird lover. They have just what you are looking for.”

Julies Rnyjourney (August 10, 2016 – Beaker’s Parrot Place Facebook)

What a great buying experience. Elena and Jeremy worked with my daughter and I for almost a year to get her (us) the bird we wanted. Personal care in finding, and raising a new member of the family. Check them out in person (call for appointment) or on facebook you’ll be glad you did!

Dave Baerg (August 2016 – Google review)

“What a great place to get the next member of your family. They take so much care of each and every Bird. Even better they have faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

Jeremiah and Jenny Frick (July 12, 2016 – Beaker’s Parrot Place Facebook)

“I wanted to write a little note to let you know how extremely happy we are with our big beautiful baby boy. I just wanted to let you know you guys are amazing and you did such a beautiful job with him he is more than we’ve ever expected he is sweet and kind and loving and so much fun and I don’t know how to explain to you how amazing he is. Keep doing what you guys are doing you guys are awesome thank you keep in touch.”

Connie Diaz (July 8, 2016 – email to Beaker’s printed with permission)

“We brought our lil home about a month ago. He is a beautiful Indian Ringneck. He is doing so well he interacts with our other bird (they talk to each other) he comes out of his cage, we can hold him, and he is fine with our dogs. He is such a wonderful baby boy . We are eager to adopt another Indian Ringneck soon. Thank you Beakers for such a wonderful thing you do for all bird lovers.

Denise O’Berry (July 7, 2016 – Beaker’s Parrot Place Facebook)

“Elena & Jeremy hand raised my beautiful Noah a sweet Senegal parrot. From the moment I contacted them through emails and phone calls for my parrot and a lovely visit to their home to the final day of picking him up it has been a wonderful experience.”

Debbie Withrow (July 3, 2016 – Bird Breeders.com)

“Beautiful, healthy and very well socialized baby. Love her so much. So glad I found Beakers.”

Susan Moe (April 21, 2016 – Beaker’s Parrot Place Facebook)

“We got our male Senegal Parrot (Phoenix)from Beakers at the end of March, I had read that our baby may not come to us, be scared, not eat etc. Well, none of that was true. Elena and Jeremy did such a good job with our baby that we were handling him the day we got home (which was an 11 hour drive for us). He was eating, drinking, bathing and playing with toys that very night. When we decide on a second fid, Beakers will be our go to place, even with the 11 hour drive for pick up!”

Hannah Stevenson (April 3, 2016 – Beaker’s Parrot Place Facebook)

Customer Comments 2015

“We got our baby Africa Gray Timneh there! I can tell they are very good at raising the babies. And we got the best baby in our life. We really glad we got her there. Thank you Elena and Jeremy”

Paul Stocks (December 7, 2015 – Beaker’s Parrot Place Facebook)

“We got Leia our Hahn’s Macaw from Beakers Parrot Place and we couldn’t be any happier with our purchase. Elena and Jeremy take such good care of their babies and did such a great job socializing our sweet girl. We plan to purchase from them again.”

Jessica Fester (December 5, 2015 – Bird Breeders.com)

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“We got Artoo, our Congo African Grey from Beaker’s Parrot Place. We couldn’t have imagined a more perfect girl. She is simply amazing, she was so well socialized that the transition into our home was seamless. We loved being able to pick her out and all the visits while she was growing. While at the time I was impatient to get her home, I really appreciate that Elena and Jeremy felt she would benefit staying an extra week from when her 2 other clutch mates left. That to me, shows that this isn’t just a “business” for them, but they really truly love and care for each of the birds they raise and they want the best for them as well. I highly recommend going through Beaker’s Parrot Place, they raise amazing babies!”

Kimber Bradbury (November 20, 2015 – Beaker’s Parrot Place Facebook)

“Beakers parrot place has been there for us and our birds since day one! I recommend them for anyone thinking about getting their first or fifth parrot! Love these people!”

Heather Lux Maldonado (November 11, 2015 – Beaker’s Parrot Place Facebook)

“Beaker’s provides excellent, personalized service. We are brand new to parrots and recently got a female CAG from them, “Sophie.” I have been really impressed with the bird’s smooth transition into our home. I believe the quality hand raising they get from Jeremy and Elena set them up for success in every way. It is also wonderful to know I have a caring resource available at all times should I have challenges.”

Catherine Madera (November 6, 2015 – Beaker’s Parrot Place Facebook)

“Elena & Jeremy are wonderful and they love their babies! We brought home two beautiful Indian Ringnecks, Asher (green) and Amarillo “Rillo” (yellow). We’ve now had them home for three months and they are wonderful birds! I would recommend Beaker’s Parrot Place to anyone who desires an Avian pet! The care and support provided both pre and post sale has been amazing! We have had a wonderful experience!!”

Robin George (October 17, 2015 – Beaker’s Parrot Place Facebook)

“We brought a galah (rose breasted cockatoo) a few months back and just love her. Rosie has such a personality. Elena and Jeremy were great and pointed us in choosing the right tote of bird! Thank you”

Theresa Rollason (September 2015 – Beaker’s Parrot Place Facebook)

“You will not find a better place to get a bird or better people who know about birds and share what they know to make buying a bird one of the best things in the world! Thanks so much.”

Kat Aus (September 2015 – Beaker’s Parrot Place Facebook)

“If your looking for a new feathered family member Beakers is the place to go. Elena and Jeremy are awesome, they know their stuff and welcome you into the family. Blitz our CAG is adjusting well to his new home and loves the little kids!”

Janell Cote (August 2015 – Beaker’s Parrot Place Facebook)

“What a great place to buy a bird! Very knowledgeable about the birds they have. Very accommodating when we wanted to visit our little chick. We got an adorable, lovable Goffin’s cockatoo. “George” is very friendly. You can tell he was raised with love.”

Jenifer Deckert (September 2015 – Beaker’s Parrot Place Facebook)

“We had the great experience of visiting with Elena and Jeremy and their wonderful feathered friends last week. Their birds are awesome and we were pleasantly surprised. Not only do they let you play with the birds, and of course buy them, but they have supplies as well. Highly recommend Beaker’s Parrot Place. Thank you Elena & Jeremy”

Sharon Nolan  (July 14, 2015 – Review from Beaker’s Parrot Place Facebook page)

“Beaker’s Parrot Place is the only place to find a new feathered friend! I recently adopted a baby Senegal Parrot from Elena and Jeremy and he is a precious little gift in my life. Binx is a healthy, vibrant, hilarious clown and I am grateful to have found people who understand and love birds deeply. I would recommend their birds to anyone interested in parrots as pets; I feel even more confident knowing I can contact them at any time if I have questions.”

Julia Thornton (July 10, 2015 – Review from Beaker’s Parrot Place Facebook page)

“Our two baby sun conures had been lovingly hand raised in a caring and trusting home by Elena and Jeremy, who are amazing. We can’t thank them enough for bringing us together with our little new fids and all the new-parent knowledge they imparted.”

Ramesh Bangelore (May 28, 2015 – Bird Breeders.com)

“Beaker’s is a Top Notch place to find your new feathered baby! They are all well cared for and avery loving Fids! I’m very impressed with the level of love and care each and every bird received. I’m in love with my Congo African Grey “Pyewacket” she is like a child to me.  And the after support from Beaker’s is outstanding. Thank you Beakers!”

GinaMaria Jensen (May 26, 20125 – Review from Beaker’s Parrot Place Facebook page)

“If you are looking for a quality feathered friend raised in a family environment look no further! Beakers has a unique approach to parrot parenthood. All the babies are raised in their home, handled daily and hand fed. These babies leave to their new homes with an already laid foundation of trust and love. They also provide a packet of information about your new baby, as well as resources and 24 hr support in case of hiccups along the way. We could not be more pleased with our bird and the care we received as customers!”

Bella Vita Acres (May 23, 20125 – Review from Beaker’s Parrot Place Facebook page)

“If you’re looking for a feathered life companion, Beakers is where you would wanna go to find one. They help you decide which particular species best suits your life style, give you step by step care instructions, and let you have part in the hand raising process! Elena and Jeremy will work side by side with you to make sure you get the best experience possible. I chose a male Solomon Island Eclectus. I love my little Leonard. He is amazing and so sweet!”

Shelby Gleim (May 23, 2015 – Review from Beaker’s Parrot Place Facebook page)

“Unbelievable great EXPERIENCE doing business with Elena and Jeremy! Their birds are second to NONE! We brought home 7 month old Yellow Nape Amazon and he is so adjusted – immediately. Talking first day on way home and so quiet and tame. We recommend them!”

Jim Hewitt (March 24, 2015 – Bird Breeders.com)

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“…This weekend we went over to a bird store in Wa. They had about 10 parrots out on open stands, Macaws, a couple amazons and some CAGs. The birds were stressed out; mean as heck and one of the macaws bit Erik. All Erik & I kept saying and thinking the whole time we were there, was how fortunate we were to meet you / Beakers, and how lucky the birds are to have you raising them.  We adore Penelope (CAG), and she is the sweetest little bird!”

Anna (March 23, 2015 – unsolicited email; posted with permission)

“Elena and Jeremy are awesome people who truly care about the birds they raise. I could not have asked for a better breeder. They treated us like family every time we went to visit our bird.”

John Garcia (March 19, 2015 – Bird Breeders.com)

“Such great people to meet. They truly care for all these parrots. Just because your fid is paid in full doesn’t it’s going home with you if she isn’t ready! Elena and Jeremy are so knowledgeable. They made my family and me feel like their family.”

Elizabeth (Feb. 27, 2015 – Bird Breeders.com)

Customer Comments 2014

“Beaker’s definitely lives up to their reviews. They provided some of the best customer service I’ve seen in a very long time. Unfortunately they ran into an issue that was out of their control, and they did everything possible to ensure we were not impacted. The issue was resolved quickly and we ended up with the sweetest little CAG.
Their birds are well socialized and they have a very warm family feel to their place. You can tell all the birds there are loved and very well taken care of. A bonus is you can handle the birds they have there, and if you’ve never held 4 CAG’s at the same time, I strongly recommend it!
We will be going back to see Elena and Jeremy when we are ready for our Macaw, they had a couple of nicest, well mannered Greenwing’s I’ve come across.
All in all, we can’t say enough great things about our experience with Beaker’s and look forward to staying in touch with them.”

EriknAnna (December 10, 2014 – Merchant Circle)

“I am so glad to have found Beakers. I knew I didn’t want to buy from a pet shop and what they do there is so great. You get to visit your baby while it is growing up. They really take good care of them and can tell they love what they do. I got my sweet baby last week and I know when I am ready to add to my family it will be from them again. Anyone in the WA area should check out Beakers for their feathered family member. Thanks so much for my sweet Loretta.”

Kathy (Nov. 29, 2014 – Bird Breeders.com)

“We purchased a friendly, beautiful, wonderful baby grey from Beaker’s Parrot Place. They have been extremely supportive and incredibly professional and nice. Their facility is extremely clean and well maintained. Their birds are exceptional. Our little grey is interactive, loving, and in amazing shape. We found Beaker’s from their Facebook page (highly recommended), and their parrot place lived up to our high expectations. I highly recommend Beaker’s Parrot Place for parrots, toys, etc.”

Gail (Sept. 1, 2014 – Bird Breeders.com)

“I wanted to buy the best bird from the best organization I could find. My experience with Beaker’s was way beyond my expectations. It is rare to find the care and commitment they demonstrate toward first their little charges but also their customers. I would highly recommend Beaker’s to anyone serious about owning a parrot. Their online store is top notch also. I was sent home with a very thorough information packet that was thoughtfully put together to help me care for my parrot properly.”

Bill of Edmonds, WA (July 14, 2014 – Bird Breeders.com)

“One of the best! I chose a female Eclectus parrot from Beaker’s Parrot Place. Elena and Jeremy are very loving and compassionate people who hand raise parrots. They took the time to answer all of my questions and provided the necessary information for me to continue with Deja Blu’s care. Elena and Jeremy have been very supportive since I brought Deja home. You can tell how much they care about the babies that they raise and how much they care for you as well. Not only am I thankful to have Deja Blu but I am also thankful to have made some very special friends with Elena and Jeremy! Thank you for raising Deja Blu!!!”

Anonymous (August 14, 2014 – Merchant Circle)

“I buy the best from the best – In need of a companion parrot, I searched for the best breeder available to me to make a very important purchase. Beaker’s proved to be far better than I had even anticipated from my research. They were kind, caring and competent in providing the best socialization environment to produce parrots that have the best chance of integrating successfully into a home environment. I was impressed with the wealth of information they imparted to me, not only verbally, but also with the information package that was sent home with the parrot. Their online store is really a great source of quality products that have been time tested. I could not have been happier with the entire process of purchasing my parrot. I would recommend them to anybody serious about purchasing a parrot. I look forward to being a customer for life.”

WilliamDye (July 14, 2014 – Merchant Circle)

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“Ruffles, our CAG, is lovely, and well cared for. The thing about Beaker’s that is the best is, they actually care. Even after the bird is sold. I would buy for them again in a heartbeat! Care makes all the difference! We LOVE Beaker’s!!!”

Holly (June 29, 2014 – Bird Breeders.com)

“I discovered Beaker’s Parrot Place by pure chance, and I am most grateful that I did! Upon commencing my search for the companionship of an African Grey Parrot, I wanted to know that I would be receiving not only a healthy, hand-raised baby, but a NURTURED, LOVED, and simply EXCEPTIONAL baby. My young Mischief (a Congo African Grey) is all of these things and much more! Beaker’s will always offer a superlative, congenial, and ever-obliging experience when it comes to finding your new bird!”

Ella of Tacoma, WA (June 27, 2014 – Bird Breeders.com)

“We just recently got our wonderful female Turquoise GCC (we named Newt) from Beaker’s and she is a great addition to our family. They are very dedicated and caring people. I completely recommend you visit them, it’s well worth the drive!”

Kimber of Spanaway, WA (May 12, 2014 – Bird Breeders.com)

“2 happy parrots and 2 VERY happy owners – I had promised my best friend a Congo African Grey for her birthday, and found Beaker’s Parrot Place when I did some searching for places that sold hand raised parrots in Washington. After talking to Elena, who was so nice, I knew this was the place to get her baby! Originally, I was going to live vicariously through my friend, but fell in love with the babies, and especially Pyewacket (what my friend, Gina, named her girl CAG) that I decided to get one of my own, but the more chill Timneh Grey, since I live in an apartment. Well, Kie has been home with me for 4 days and he is just a doll! Both of the fids (feathered kids) that we got from Elena and Jeremy were healthy, happy, and well socialized, and all of the information they supply to keeping your fid that way is awesome! Couldn’t ask for anything more! Thanks again, Elena and Jeremy! 😀 Kari C.”

Karipatra (March 27, 2014 – Merchant Circle)

“We had a wonderful buying experience with Beaker’s Parrot Place. They genuinely care about their birds and it was obvious when we visited their home. We felt at ease knowing that communication was always present via calls or email. They also have a store set up with complete supplies which was convenient for us. They are extremely knowledgeable about parrots and answered all our questions. I highly recommend Beaker’s Parrot Place! Our Senegal parrot is an awesome addition to our family.”

Mary Ann of Olympia, WA (February 19, 2014 – Bird Breeders.com)

“Love this place!”

Tanya of Rock Island, WA (February 7, 2014 – Bird Breeders.com)

“Beaker’s did a wonderful job raising our baby CAG! We are so happy with Zoey and how well she is behaved! The owners also have great communication and are more than willing to answer any questions you have! I recommend them very highly to anyone that is thinking of getting a parrot! I’m sure glad we chose them.”

Mike (January 25, 2014 – Bird Breeders.com)

Customer Comments 2013

“They are the best! Very happy with our Panama Amazon.”

Marlene of Yelm, WA (December 21, 2013 – Bird Breeders.com)

“Elena and Jeremy were a pleasure to work with through the process of purchasing our baby bird. Our bird was obviously handled often and with a lot of love before we brought her home. She is lively, social, and adapted to her change in environment without missing a beat. We enjoyed meeting some of their own parrots and seeing the many other babies getting ready for their new homes. I wouldn’t hesitate at all to recommend Beaker’s for anybody considering a parrot.”

bcalihan of Bow, WA  (December 26, 2013 – Merchant Circle)

“Elena and Jeremy at Beaker’s raised a wonderful Congo African Grey for me and my husband. He’s been a great addition to our flock, and the whole process was positive and pleasant. We would gladly do business with Beaker’s again!”

Kittie of Marysville, WA (October 10, 2013 – Bird Breeders.com)

“Five Stars! We have bought two birds from Beakers and both are healthy and loving members of our family. Each visit to Beakers was met with knowledgeable and friendly folks. The unique environment at Beakers allowed our birds to come to us socialized and they were hand raised as a part of Beakers flock with obvious love and care. Plus, you get behavioral advice for as long as you own your bird! We will continue to buy the quality food and homemade treats from Beakers as well.”

Christina of Gig Harbor, WA (October 1, 2013 – Bird Breeders.com)

“Doing business with…” does not begin to describe my family’s experience with Beaker’s! Over a perioid of 8 months, Elena and Jeremy embraced , educated and coached us through the beginnings of what will become a life long experience. More than business owners (a role they fill exceedingly well), the Galbraith’s display a level of humanity not typical in any arena, commercial or otherwise. Our experience has been profoundly positive in every aspect.”

Gerry, Dane & Heidi of Maple Valley, WA (September 20, 2013 – Bird Breeders.com)

“Elena and Jeremy are knowledgeable and experienced. Ticket, the green cheek conure, is a sweet buddy thanks to Elena and Jeremy’s patient care and training. How terrific to find Beakers, a wonderful parrot resource!”

By Anita of Walla Walla, WA (August 20, 2013 –  Bird Breeders.com)

Absolutely amazing people and birds – “We found beakers and purchased our baby Congo African Grey and she is absolutely stunning and its all thanks to Beakers. She was born with a bit of an issue with here leg but they took her to the Vet several times while they were weening her which I think helped her leg out quite and bit and she wouldn’t be as mobile as she is if it wasn’t for them taking her to the vet to get a brace on her leg while she was doing all her growing. Long story short she took to our home and family instantly. You won’t regret buying your bird through Beakers.”

By jmdormier of Everett, WA  (June 26, 2013 – Merchant Circle)

They make the best for your future parrot –  “I’m new in the USA, but when we decided to buy a parrot, I found Beaker’s Parrot Place site and understood, that it is the only one place, where I want to buy baby parrot! And I was right! They did their best to find and raise my little sun conure, she is very affectionate, healthy and strong bird! I highly recommend their services!”

By Nataliie Griogorieva of Redmond, WA  (May 30, 2013 – Merchant Circle)

“Elena and Jeremy your awesome I love Max (My Congo African Grey) he’s such a loving and gentle bird I have ever owned he listens just absolutely great and is the smartest bird I have ever came across except for the birds they own their unbelievably smart you would not believe how smart they actually are! “

Maxmycag of Peshastin, WA on (April 30, 2013- Merchant Circle)

Really enjoyed my experience – “It has been a long time since I’ve purchased a bird, and I really didn’t know what to expect from Beaker’s. I really enjoyed talking with Elena and Jeremy and meeting their flock. We didn’t do the whole experience, because we found our birds right away in a pair of green cheek conures that had just been weaned. They are very sweet birds and I’m so glad we got them. They are fitting in nicely at home, in the wonderful cage we also purchased from Beaker’s. I appreciated the individual attention, all the information, and the assurances we received that Zen and Kona were healthy. If I were ever to be interested in another bird, or had a friend who wanted to adopt an avian family member, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Beaker’s.”

Catherine Rollosson Halbhuber of Sammamish, WA (March 22, 2013 – Merchant Circle)

“After loosing our bird of ten years we found Beaker’s online. They made time for us, got to know us and most importantly helped us pick a great bird. Its great to know that he was raised with so much love, and that we can call or email with questions.”

Claire Warren of Tacoma, WA  (March 22, 2013 – Merchant Circle)
Customer Comments 2012

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“I love these people! You can really tell that they care deeply for all of the birds they bring in. Your bird will be nurtured and loved until you take it home and you can continue with what they started. I have 4 children that always came with me to visit my Indian Ringneck before I could bring her home, and Elena and Jeremy were very patient with them and all of their questions as well! Elena and Jeremy are extremely knowledgeable about birds and were always available when I called with any questions, either while they had still had her, or after I brought her home. Having a bird that was hand raised at Beakers Parrot Place gives me peace of mind, both with the knowledge of the love she was given before she came home and the comfort of knowing that they are always there to answer any questions I may have.”

TinaRathkeKrick of Tacoma, WA (December 7, 2012 – Merchant Circle)

Best pet buying experience – “I was able to get my best friend Icarus at Beakers parrot place who is a turquoise green cheek conure. I followed Beaker’s blog for over a year and then the timing became right and put a claim on this wonderful conure that had no interest yet ( fate i think). They were very helpful and very through, wanted pictures of the cage i had and they answered all my questions i had. After a long drive ( i’m from Pullman Washington) i arrived at Elena and Jeremy’s home , welcomed by one of there cats on the porch. Their house was beautiful and I felt such a warm wonderful energy from their home i knew i was doing this the right way. Their babies looked very well cared for ( i was impressed). I was very careful when picking out a place to get a bird i did NOT want a pet store experience with an unsocialized bird, i work for an exotics vet and i see so many mean/nasty or unhealthy birds from pet stores that don’t know what their doing. I’m very glad that Jeremy and Elena are doing what they do !!”

Lynsey Bassen of Pullman, WA (November 20, 2012 – Merchant Circle)

AMAZING Business and Ethics – “I am honored to write this review! I have had several birds in my life, when looking around I didn’t just want any bird, but wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted. I had an amazon and umbrella in the past and so I knew about those birds, when I found Beakers I was impressed with the customer service and dedication to match a bird to what I wanted for my lifestyle! The first time I went to Beakers they spent hours with me talking about life and birds and to top it off I was very impressed with the home based business they were running, the cleanliness of the cages and how happy each bird was and the conditions they were in. Every-time I went to Beakers they were putting on a movie for the birds or in the middle of watching one and Elena was cooking up some kind of home made treat for the birds. On go home day, I felt part of the growing up of my bird.”

HunterCii of Bonney Lake, WA (November 12, 2012 – Merchant Circle)

“I love what beakers is all about; Properly raised, high quality, hand-fed baby parrots. I have a lot of respect for your commitment to maintain high standards in raising the baby parrots and not succumbing to becoming a monotonous and cruel bird farm for the sake of making money. In the future when I’m able to, I will be sure to buy my bird from you.”

Jason Gomez1192 (September 20, 2012 – YouTube: Parrots for Sale video comment)

“I got a Goffins Cockatoo from Craigslist and when he settled in (about 4 months later) he began displaying some significant behavior issues for which we could not deal with. I wanted a sweet bird however wasnt sure if that was possible given our family structure. I spoke with Elena and Jeremy and they told us about several different types of birds that would fit in fine with our family. We settled on a Congo African Grey and ended up taking 2 home 🙂 They are the sweetest birds I have ever encountered. Elena and Jeremy have the BIRDS best interest in mind 100% of the time. They will only send your bird home once they are certain he will do well within your family and even then both Elena and Jeremy are 100% on call to answer or trouble shoot any questions or concerns you may have. I am VERY pleased with the service we received from from Beakers Parrot Place. We have found our Avian life companions”

Sherry Houk of Port Orchard, WA (April 20, 2012- Merchant Circle)

Absolutely Love Beakers!!!!:
“We have the best bird (Noodles, a Red Facet Sun Conure), he is so loving and people-pleasing with such a great personality that is developing! We just love him to pieces! We both think it’s Jeremy’s gentle touch with Noodles that has made him the snuggler, sweet dispositioned bird that he is. He is learning not to bite now and doing great. His taking a bath is just a kick! So much bird in such a small package. When he flips over and just lies on his back it is the cutest ever!”

Parrot2luv of Federal Way, WA (April 18, 2012 – Merchant Circle)

“Kevin and Digit – It was such a pleasure to do business with Elena and Jeremy. They were both so kind, warm, and very knowledgeable about the birds. They provided a wealth of knowledge including paperwork on safe toys, food, and a variety of other tips about having birds as pets. I would do business with Elena and Jeremy again and I would strongly recommend them to anyone interested in buying a bird!!! :)”

Jennifer of Shelton, WA (January 11, 2012 –  Merchant Circle)

Customer Comments 2011

“December 8, 2011 was a terrible day, Logan my Yellow Nape died after 31 years together almost to the day. Needles to say the silence in my heart and in my house was deafening! Coming home and seeing an empty cage was more than I could stand. Not wanting to “recreate” my Logan, by Saturday I was researching Eclectus and in my search I found, or was led by fate to Beakers. On Dec. 11 I made the trek from Bellingham to Beakers and found Ruby a beautiful 4mo old Eclectus. Their philosophy and approach to hand raising birds in a home environment is genus, and I would encourage anyone who is looking for a parrot to give them serious consideration since you won’t be dissapointed!!!!! Thank you Breakers my house and my heart are once again filled! The memory of Logan is now one of love & laughter as the bond between Ruby and me grows stronger every day!”

Willie of Bellingham, WA (December 18, 2011 – Merchant Circle)

“Elena and Jeremy are very passionate about their parrots and have the knowledge to assist in every aspect of your decision to own a parrot. I wouldn’t consider any other option after visiting Beakers Parrot Place. Thanks again for the Wonderful African Grey we now have as a member of our family.”

Doug of Orting, WA (October 23, 2011 – Merchant Circle)

“We purchased a Rose breasted cockatoo from them. It was an awesome experience. You get to see your baby grow and they teach you so much. I would recommend getting a parrot there over anywhere else. They are such nice people and very easy to work with, they definitely make it worth your while. No where else would teach you how to care for your birds…..”

Jessica and Ray of Aberdeen, WA (July 30, 2011 – Merchant Circle)

“I recently just picked up my baby African Grey Timneh from these guys. Their service was good, they were very friendly folks whom love their birds very much. My bird came home with very good knowledge of some basic commands and is responding very well to everything. He seems very happy and I know that I am. 5 stars and a very strong recommendation.”

Mike and Smokey of Mount Vernon, WA (June 10, 2011 – Merchant Circle)

“Jeremy and Elena made this entire process a true joy. They knew exactly what I was looking for and were always quick to respond to questions and concerns. This was my first time purchasing a parrot and they made it effortless. Truly wonderful people to work with and really care about both the customer and the parrots. They worked with me every step of the way and always were willing to talk and help me out. I love that they continue to give me advice and guidance even after I have bought him and picked him up. Really shows how committed they are. Not a single negative thing to say about Beakers. I love my Cinnamon Turquoise green cheek conure incredibly much, and I owe it all to them! THANK YOU Elena and Jeremy for introducing me to my new best friend!!!!”

Katie Gauthier of Friday Harbor, WA (May 31, 2011 – Merchant Circle)

“The loss of our special feathered friend, found us searching for a new one. Finding Beaker’s on line, we reached out to them and made the 90 minute drive on a snowy morning to meet Elena & Jeremy. They were warm & welcoming, offering suggestions without any pressure. Without a doubt, this was a wonderful experience. They found the bird for us, nutured and loved him until he was ready to leave their “nest”. Having been raised in a clean home environment with lots of human contact means an easier transition to his new home. Lastly, they also can be relied on as a support system for any questions we may have…”

Bonnie Scriba of Sammamish, WA (February 08, 2011 – Merchant Circle)

“Beaker’s is hands down the best place that we have been to while shopping for our new family member ( a male Eclectus named Sinatra). Not only were we encouraged to spend lots of time with the baby, Elena, Jeremy, Beaker and the other birds made us feel comfortable throughout the whole process. Elena even made sure our 2 children were happy. She put on a kids movie and gave them some brownies. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to purchase from them. Jeremy & Elena are so wonderful & have taken the time to answer all of my many questions since we brought our baby bird home. I’m so glad that we had the pleasure of working with them. Thanks!”

Sarah Green of Kent, WA (February 07, 2011 – Merchant Circle)

Customer Comments 2008 – 2010 (19 reviews)

Amazing knowledgeable, amazingly friendly, amazingly patient… I could go on & on! We would highly recommend Beakers parrot place to ANYONE interested in purchasing a parrot. Not only do we have a wonderful source to go to if we had any questions or problems, we have gained a new wonderful friendship that will be treasured forever! Thank you so much! You were more than gracious with everything you guys have done for her and us!  Big Hugs & parrot kisses,

Terry, Cyndi, Katey and Tiko (June 2009 – Merchant Circle)

I was so glad when I found these people and got to know them… These people are great and they know what they’re doing. I will recommend them to anyone I meet that may want a companion bird and will definitely go to them when I expand my flock. Right now Piper is the sole bird, but I can totally see myself getting another in a couple of years. Elena and Jeremy are the best! Thanks a bunch guys! We love you!!!

Patty and Piper, Sun Conure, hatched 1/27/09 (June 2009 – Merchant Circle)

We love our new Senegal Parrot! Beakers did a wonderful job of preparing Buddy for life at our house. They provide the ideal balance between professionalism and welcoming friendiness. Raising a parrot in home for a home sounds sensible and now we see how well it works. Highly recommended.

John and Sonja, Anacortes, WA (June 2009 – Merchant Circle)

“5 stars isn’t enough! I found Elena and Jeremy through this site and I’m so glad I reached out! I’ve wanted a Grey for years but everytime I’ve gone to the petstore I come away knowing it would be a very COSTLY mistake! (financially and emotionally!) The parrots at Beakers are amazing birds! It’s hard not to come home with more than one! They are what you want in a companion parrot. My Grey Mojo jojo is AMAZING! He is so sweet and affectionate. (and the review goes on…)”

Lilly and family of Olympia, WA (October 13, 2009 – Merchant Circle)

“I purchased a Temneh Grey from Elena and Jeremy at Beaker’s Parrot Place and they have done a wonderful job with Timothy he already steps-up and down and is a very polite well mannered bird and now I am purchasing a Eclectus name Kiwi from them and I know he will be the same when I pick him up Halloween can’t wait will be visiting him the 10 th and I saw they have a baby Hahn Macaw will have to take a look at him to… lol cls”

Claudia L. Stewart of Zillah, WA  (October 07, 2009 – Merchant Circle)

“Sometime in early September I became interested in parrots. I set my sights on getting a Blue crowned conure, but I got to know a little red bellied parrot (Huey) and before long he came home with me. Elena and Jeremy provided an excellent customer experience and once you do business with them you will want to just keep getting birds. Honest, trustworthy, great people to work with. You will build a bond with them and get to know each other through the process of weaning. You WILL NOT be disappointed with Beaker’s Parrot Place!”

Kevin of Milton, WA (November 17, 2009 – Merchant Circle)

“Good hearted people –  I had a chance to spend some time with two wonderful people that have an endless passion for the birds they raise. Jeremy and Elena give special attention to all the lives that come into their lives. They are awesome people and I highly recommend them to anyone wishing to purchase a bird. I AM EXTREMELY IMPRESSED!!!”

That Rochester guy with the crew of Rochester, WA (January 30, 2010 – Merchant Circle)

“We loved the wonderful service that the Galbraith’s provided us. we absolutely love our birds, and are so glad we had a chance to meet these two awesome people. :)”

Unah and Hoku – the birds (January 2010 – Merchant Circle)

“For sure the best place to get a parrot! Very helpful, full of advice and information. Super friendly, it felt like a second home! Beakers was not the first place i looked to buy a parrot but the last! We are both 100% happy with not only the service of Beakers, but our parrots too!”

Amber & Rich of Tacoma, WA (January 2010 – Merchant Circle)

“I purchased Leeloo, an African Grey Timneh Parrot through Beaker’s Parrot Place for my 15yr. daughter. She found them on line and despite the 1.5 hour drive each way to get to them we soon learned it was well worth every bit the time and effort not only for Leeloo but for Elena and Jeremy. You can’t ask for two more wonderful caring people who are knowledgeable and love every aspect of caring for the birds they own and sale. They are very much a part of our family now and we are so grateful for our time with them and that we will forever be connected with them through Leeloo. If you want a to buy a parrot this is the BEST place to do it. You can be assured that you will get your money’s worth and much much more!!!”

Karen Davis-Doyle in Everett, WA (March 31, 2010 – Merchant Circle)

“I have owned parrots in the past and when my daughter convinced me to get an African Grey for her I knew I wanted a hand-raised baby. We looked at pet stores and other breeders, but when we went to visit Beaker’s Parrot Place I knew right away that this was the right place to get our new baby from. Elena and Jeremy made us feel welcome in their home from the start. Their methods of weaning the baby birds in their home and involving the new owners in the process was what I was looking for. They educate potential new owners and make sure they will be a good fit for their bird of choice and more importantly the bird will be going to a good home. Everyone that visits is encouraged to touch and interact with all the baby birds, so they are well socialized and enjoy the company of people rather than fear them as I have encountered in many other places. Elena and Jeremy clearly love what they do and it is obvious in the results they achieve, happy well-adjusted birds.”

Bruce Anderson of Maple Valley, WA (May 11, 2010 – Merchant Circle)

“I just purchased a Congo African Gray parrot from Beaker’s. I have been very impressed, first of all, by their facility. The bottom floor of their home is devoted to birds and it is obvious that the birds are treated with love and well as expertise. My bird, Arlo, is everything I could ask for in a pet bird. They also were very warm and friendly to me, answered all my questions in a timely manner and were very supportive. That support continues for as long as I have Arlo. I could have bought a bird for less money, closer to home, but you get what you pay for. Everything about Beaker’s including the health of the birds, says “quality”

Judith Cross of Springfield, OR (July 13, 2010 – Merchant Circle)

“I purchased a blue-headed pionus in April and brought baby Jonah home in early July. Buying a bird from Beaker’s is a completely different experience. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked into “reputable” bird stores in Washington State only to feel rushed or pressured to buy a bird. Not so with Beaker’s. Jeremy and Elena took the time to answer all of my questions (and there were many!) and allowed me to spend time with my new birdy for quite awhile on visiting days. I also received guidance on appropriate housing and food and the assurance that I can always rely on Beaker’s for information in the future. My new birdy came home well socialized and happy. It’s clear from the minute you visit Beaker’s nursery that all of the birds receive the best possible care and attention. Definitely call Beaker’s if you don’t see the bird you want on their website. They helped me locate a species I couldn’t find any where else.”

Kristine of Kent, WA (July, 2010 – Merchant Circle)

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“After researching and visiting many places that hand raised parrots, I was so happy to have found Beakers. I now have a confident, healthy, 3 month old Meyers Parrot that was raised in a home environment much like my own. Jeremy and Elena do an amazing job at socializing each baby and developing a lifetime relationship with their customers. Everyone who has met “Sprout” are impressed with her confidence and sweet personality. My avian vet. stated, “they do a remarkable job at Beakers”. It was an exciting process to have my “baby” get to know me as she was growing into who she is today. I look forward to a long time relationship with Beakers…my feathered family!”

Denise of of Issaquah, WA (August 04, 2010 – Merchant Circle)

“I have to say that this was a wonderful experience. My bird is just great. Very happy, well adjusted and healthy. He is just a love. These people do such a good job raising and weaning the birds. You will not get an instant bird but the wait and money are worth it. You can buy birds for less but you won’t get a well adjusted bird like this. You will have a great bird for life.”

Janet Strick of Osseo, MN (August 12, 2010 – Merchant Circle)

“It was a great experience from the beginning! I truly enjoyed getting to know Elena and Jeremy. I love my new baby and know it’s all because of the way she was raised until I could finally bring her home. I would most certainly recommend the Gailbraith’s to any potential customer!”

Laurel of East Wenatchee, WA (August 16, 2010 – Merchant Circle)

“To anyone who is considering bringing a parrot into your family; Beaker’s Parrot Place is THE place to go. When it comes to choosing the right parrot to welcome into your home, Elena and Jeremy have a wealth of information to share. I have never met a more genuinely honest and sincere couple like Elena and Jeremy. They were able to find a Mexican Red Headed Amazon for my family, we could not be happier. She has become such an important addition to our family. The unique quality that you will find about Beaker’s Parrot Place is that it is personal. Elena and Jeremy indeed raise parrots “in a home for a home.” It is NOT like walking into a pet store and choosing a conure through a glass window. It is much more than that. Beaker’s Parrot Place provides the opportunity for you to bond with your baby parrot during it’s younger stages of life, participate in play time and feedings! Going to Beaker’s Parrot Place is an experience you will never forget and a decision you will never regret.”

Mari Barrera of Enumclaw, WA  (November 25, 2010 – Merchant Circle)

“We were very fortunate to find Beaker’s when we were looking for a bird. Elena and Jeremy provide the little babies with an incredible start. We were very pleased from the very start. They provided us with a very socialized little bird who eased right into our home. Highly recommended!”

Jerry Smith of Olympia, WA (December 23, 2010 – Merchant Circle)

“There aren’t many businesses in this world dedicated to bringing such love and joy to others as Beaker’s Parrot Place–they raised our baby African Red-Belly parrot Jasper with such care that we will be forever thankful. Most human babies should be so lucky! He was hand-raised, hand-fed, and completely tame on arrival. Elena and Jeremy are always on call should we have a question, and are always at the ready with helpful information. We’ve bought birds before from less scrupulous companies with very poor results. But Jasper is healthy, strong, and beautiful thanks to Beaker’s. I can’t rate them highly enough.”

Peter and Kaaren of Oakland, CA (December 29, 2010 – Merchant Circle)

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