Parrots for Sale


* Please Note*
We do NOT ship our fledged and weaned birds

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Updated June 26, 2017

babyparrots01**Future arrivals PLANNED for the nursery!**

  • Eclectus (male) – AVAILABLE
  • Timneh African Grey – AVAILABLE
  • Meyers Parrots – AVAILABLE
  • Harlequin Macaw – SOLD
  • What can we hand-raise just for you?

**Birds currently IN the Nursery**

  • Greenwing Macaw – SOLD
  • Bronze-wing Pionus – AVAILABLE
  • Panama Amazons – SOLD
  • Indian Ringneck – SOLD
  • Maisy – 2 yr old Harlequin Macaw – AVAILABLE (SEE BELOW)

It’s an experience like no other

Be a part of your baby’s early development process without having to deal with the day-in and day-out cleaning, feeding and all that goes along with the mess. Instead you will have the JOY of bonding with your baby on visiting days while he/she is in our care. Watch baby grow… & receive these benefits:

  • Supervised play time
  • Opportunities to participate in feeding time or flight training
  • Capture, first hand, picture memories of a family bonding time
  • Progress reports on development milestones

Special order a baby parrot – About any time of the year, we have access to sweet babies available to us through our private and extensive breeder network. We help customers select a species right for their lifestyle, personality and budget and then bring baby in to our nursery and hand-raise it for them. To see photos of the types/species of parrots we have access to through our network, please visit our Parrot Gallery page. Give us a call for our current availability at 360.829.6643. 


MAISY – hatch date 5/4/2015; family situation requires re-homing Maisy for her safety. Maisy comes with a huge cage 46″ L x 36″ W x 78 1/4″ H , a large java tree stand and accessories. $2900. Let us know if you would like to meet her.  VIDEO:  Pictures follow.

Miss Maisy the Harlequin

Large Silverado Cage

Maisy’s java tree stand