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 Did you know…

Did you know that parrots are becoming the most popular pets in America? Yes, it is true and here are some reasons why:

  • Parrots relieve stress
  • They are loving and affectionate
  • They are family petsparrotinfo01
  • They are easy to care for
  • They have long life spans
  • They can enhance in value
  • Most will talk
  • They are true companion pets

Anyone can buy a young bird, but you cannot buy a nice bird… you have to create a nice bird with proper handling and nurturing guidance techniques. Buying a companion bird from Beaker’s Parrot Place will bring a lifetime of enjoyment and enrich your life providing that you raise your parrot using the nurturing guidance and behavior techniques we will teach you.

You get what you pay for…

You can waste your money, risk your money or invest your money when buying a pet bird. You may pay more for a bird from a Parrot Place location but look at all you will receive (see Beaker’s Assurance Policy).

  • We can sell you any type of parrot through our competent nationwide breeder network.
  • We don’t sell you a bird just because we have it on hand. Instead we sell you a bird that is the right for you.
  • We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee with your purchase.
  • We believe in helping you make the right match for a lifetime of companionship.

When buying a parrot, don’t take chances thinking you can save money looking for the cheapest deal around. Don’t be fooled!

Common purchasing mistakes…

There are several common mistakes people make when choosing a parrot for a pet. Consider these before deciding on whether a parrot, as a companion pet, it right for you.

  • Allow price to be the determining factor.
  • Base your purchase on appearance alone.
  • Base your purchase on emotion alone.
  • Make an impulsive decision.
  • Believe everything a bird dealer says.
  • Purchase a bird “assuming it will be nice.”
  • Want a bird based on an article in a magazine.
  • Any combination of the above.

Make a logical decision…

parrotinfo02Beaker’s Parrot Place will help you make a logical decision on which companion parrot is right for you. Come to our home and learn about adult personality traits of the most popular species of parrots.

  • We will help you match a bird to your lifestyle and explain the responsibilities you will have when you purchase one of these wonderful lifetime companions.
  • We will teach you the same nurturing guidance techniques we use with all our babies so that you can use these techniques on a consistent basis to maintain pet quality and maximize your parrot’s pet potential.

While your heart may lead… your head should decide!

Parrot Personalities

We describe parrots by three different personality types—talkers, entertainers and lovers. When you visit us, we will spend some time talking about your lifestyle and help match the right bird to your personality. One note about parrot personalities– birds are always some combination of these three. For example: a cockatoo will have a more limited vocabulary, they can be known to be escape artists, and they love to be loved!


African Greys excellent talkers. They are exceptional at mimicking sounds – the microwave, door bell, someone sneezing, or your favorite tune. Amazons are also great talkers, especially the Double Yellow Head, Blue Front, and Yellow Nape. Eclectus parrots, although not as well known as other parrots, are good talkers, highly intelligent and intuitive.


The majestic Macaws are loving, devoted, child-like, playful and good (not always great) talkers. There are many different sizes of Macaw. The large Macaws include the Hyacinth, Green-Wing, Scarlet, Blue & Gold; mid-sized Macaws include the Military and the Red-Front; and the mini-Macaws include the Severe, the Yellow-Collared, the Nobel and the Hahños. No matter the size, Macaws are all clowns and entertainers by nature. They are often not a bird for the first-time bird owner.


Many cockatoos cannot seem to get enough attention and they like to be close to their humans. They will sit in your lap for hours being playful or preen themselves to only ask for more. If a loving bird is what you are looking for, then one of the cockatoos is the bird for you. Keep in mind, there is little difference between a spoiled bird and a spoiled rotten bird <smile>.