How smart are parrots?

Parrots are amazing and intelligent creatures, but most people don’t realize just how smart parrots can be. You may have heard of the amazing African Grey, Alex, who died at 32 years of age (1976 to 2007). Dr. Irene Pepperberg (owner of Alex) said about Greys and other parrots, “These birds have the emotional and social skills of a two and 1/2 to three year old child. Their intellectual skills are more like a five or six year old child in some cases.” As you learn more about parrots, you will come to realize, as we have, that parrots can enrich our lives and be wonderful companions and members of the family.

How long do parrots live?

That depends on the species of parrot. Some parrots live 15 – 20 years and others live fifty years and longer. For example, some species of Amazon parrots live between 20 – 60 years. We can talk more about parrots, their personalities and life spans when you come to our home for a no obligation appointment.

Why don’t you have a retail pet store?

We believe it important for prospective parrot owners to SEE first-hand, the loving and caring environment in which we raise our parrots. We have integrated parrots into our personal lifestyle and home and invite you to come and experience how parrots can add richness to your life as they do ours. We have a dedicated space for the nursery and a place where our customers can shop for cages and replenish their supply of food, treats and toys. Customers can bring their birds for wing or nail trimming or just to visit with Beaker and our flock <smile>.

What if you don’t have the bird I’m looking for?

We promise to help you select the right bird for your lifestyle or personality. Should we not have the specific parrot you are looking when you come to see us, we can order a bird especially for you; and in just a couple of days your baby bird will be at our location. Customers give us a deposit to order a baby. Then we will raise your baby bird until it is weaned and ready to go home. Of course, you should come and visit your baby. During your visits, we will help you get ready to take your new family member home.

What type of deposit do you required to place an order for a baby bird?

We ask for a 50% deposit at time of purchase (whether we have the bird you want on hand or we order a specific bird for you). We accept major forms of credit and offer a discount for cash. We also offer a savings plan for those customers who want to save up for a bird in the future – then when you have paid 50% of the price of the bird, we will order the bird just for you. You pay the balance by the time your baby bird is ready to go home. 

What supplies do I need to care for my bird properly?

When you purchase a bird from Beakers’, we will provide you a list of bird care essentials that describes the required and recommended items you will need to have on hand at the time your bird comes home. We are happy to guide you through the process. Essentials include the initial set-up of cage, a supply of food and toys. Buy a bird from us and you will receive a discount on all items you purchase as part of your initial setup.

Can you help me with care and feeding tips if I am a first time parrot owner?

Yes, gladly, and we will do more than that. We will send you home with a packet of great informational resources. In addition to our assurance policy, which includes written care and feeding instructions and a list of nurturing guidance we use on all our birds, you will receive behavioral counseling for as long as you own your bird.

What about bathing?

Birds need to bathe just as we do. In the wild, nature takes care of that for your bird, but as a member of your family, you will need to ensure your bird gets a bath a couple of times a week. Some birds like to bathe in their cage, others like to bathe in the sink, and still others like to shower with you. Rosie and Beaker shower with us <smile>. Misting your bird is also a great option. We can talk more about then you come to visit us.

Do I need to trim their nails and wings?

That depends. Birds need nails to climb but their nails should not get too long. You have options when it comes to trimming—you can do it, you can take your bird to the vet, or we can trim your bird’s nails and wings for you. For our birds we put a pedicure perch in each of the birds’ cages to naturally keep their nails nice and trim. As far as wings go, we recommend trimming a bird’s primary flight feathers. When you buy a bird from Beaker’s Parrot Place, we will first fledge the bird (allow it to fly) and then trim its’ primary flight feathers for safety and protection from getting out and flying away. From then on, the choice is yours whether to let their primary feathers grow out or keep them trimmed.