Rosie_portraitBeaker’s Parrot Place was established in 2008 by Elena and Jeremy Galbraith. For as long as we can remember, we have had a passion for birds, especially parrots. Several years ago now, we made a thoughtful decision to buy a companion parrot. From the many species of parrots out there, we decided on a Solomon Island Eclectus parrot to suit our lifestyle. Welcome Rosie!

Beaker_portraitAnd it was not long after that we brought home Beaker to join the family – what a cutie and such a wonderful laid back personality! Our parrots are developing into good talkers. We love to sit in the sun room in the late afternoon or early evening and listen to their chatter and sounds they make as they settle down to bed for the night. What a joy!

As a natural result of owning this business and getting to know SO many amazing species of parrots, we just had to ADD to our personal flock. Presented in order of our personal adoption (i.e., we took them off the market).

  • Silverback – Congo African Grey
  • Lilly – Timneh African Grey
  • AR-B – African Red Bellied parrot
  • Gizmo – Hahns Macaw
  • Gertrude Weinstein “Gerty” – Greenwing Macaw

We cannot forget to acknowledge the rest of our family:

  • Daisy and Rizzo – our two very cool dogs
  • ‘Boo’ – our cute black kitty cat
  • And our extended family of deer and elk who drop by on occasion (we live out in the country)

You are invited – We invite you to visit our home and learn about parrots. We are located about 10 minutes from the Bonney Lake / Buckley city limits (off highway 410) in the Wilkeson area in the foothills of Mount Rainier. Call us for an appointment today! 360.829.6643.  return to top

Our Credibility

Beaker’s Parrot Place holds the following certifications:

  • American Federation Of Aviculture – AFA Certified Aviculturist Level I
  • American Federation Of Aviculture – AFA Certified Aviculturist Level II
  • Certified Avian Specialist (CAS) – PIJAC

At Beaker’s Parrot Place, reputation matters and your satisfaction is the evidence of our success. We believe in building relationships and not just making transactions.

  • We are members of the Nationwide Parrot Place Organization (NPPO).
  • We only sell birds to people we meet so our reputation depends on your satisfaction.
  • You will know who we are and where we live – seen our home and seen our facility.
  • Our success in this business and to grow depends on our satisfied customers.

Our Mission

Through the power of informed and talented people operating Parrot Place locations, we are able to provide customers with the highest quality companion parrots at exceptional value; offering superior service and support; providing tailored educational, nurturing guidance and training; delivering specialty products and services made easy to buy and use; all while raising the quality and ethics of the companion bird industry.

The purpose of the Nationwide Parrot Place Organization’s (NPPO) is to:

  • Ensure exotic birds are raised in an environment which provides proper care and training.
  • Educate our Parrot Place locations and their customers on the responsibilities of caring for and maintaining companion parrots.
  • Provide access to the best resources of private breeders, vendors and experts in the field of avian specialties to all of our Parrot Place locations.
  • Provide initial and ongoing educational training to all individuals who wish to establish a Parrot Place location.
  • Reduce the need of rescue by educating our customers and providing continuing support to our customers for the life they own their companion parrots. return to top

Our Philosophy

Beaker’s Parrot Place is dedicated to helping you maintain the health and quality of your companion parrot. As part of the Nationwide Parrot Place Organization we are also dedicated to:

  • Raising the finest birds, without exception!
  • Educating the public about birds
  • Improving the conditions parrots are raised and sold under
  • Combating corruption in the industry

We believe in the following…

  • People buy from people – it’s about relationships
  • An educated buyer makes a logical and informed decision
  • Delivering on our promises!

Your purchase is only the beginning of our service to you!   return to top


Price List – We have chosen NOT to publish a price list for one very good reason: many breeders in our private and extensive network breed similar species and they all have their own pricing models. What we chose to do is quote a ‘current market’ price ‘range’ and the actual price of your baby will be within that range, preferably at the lower end…. this gives you value and makes sense.

Current ‘price ranges’ for SOME of the popular species:

African Grey: Congo ($1900 – $2100) and Timneh ($1800 – $1950)
Amazon: Double Yellow-head & Yellow-nape ($1500 – $1750); Orange Wing ($1000 – $1400)
Caique: Blacked-headed ($1200 – $1300); White-bellied ($1300 – $1450)
Cockatoo: Goffins ($1500 – $1700); Umbrella ($1650 – $1950); Galah/Rosie ($2200 – $2400)
Conure: Blue Crown ($800 – $900); Sun ($650 – $700); Mutation Green Cheeks ($495 – $595)
Indian Ringnecks: Fancy ($695/up); Blue/Albino/Lutino ($650 – $750); Green ($495 – $550)
Macaw – big: B&G ($1700/up); Greenwing ($2300/up); Scarlet ($1900/up); Hybrids ($1800/up)
Macaw – sm/med: Red Front ($1700/up); Hahns ($1000 – $1200); Severe ($1300 – $1450)
Pionus: Blue-headed ($950 – $1100); Maximillion & White Crown ($800 – $1050)
Poicephalus: Senegal ($700 – $850); Meyers ($900 – $1050); Red-Bellied ($700 – $850)

Beaker’s Assurance Policy assures you of our continuing commitment to the health and excellence of your companion pet.

Along assurancepolicywith your purchase you will also receive:

  • A contract assuring your bird’s health and fitness for sale
  • Complimentary DNA sex testing
  • A one year limited warranty
  • Informational resources: care & feeding; nurturing guidance, etc,
  • Free behavioral consultations for as long as you own the bird
  • Post-sales support

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