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* Established in 2008 *

Serving Pacific Northwest customers
and our service men and women who keep America free
(We offer a discount to active military)

* Sorry - we do NOT ship our babies *


We recognize you have a choice as to where you buy a companion parrot. Purchasing a parrot from Beaker's is an experience like no other.

"Finally, an exciting alternative to the typical pet or bird store experience - baby birds get lots of love and affection and you get to visit your baby while they are being weaned and fledged. These people really know their stuff. I would not buy a parrot from anyone else!"  Kirsteen - Kent, Washington (2009)


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Welcome to Beaker's Parrot Place
Provider, Nurturer and Social Developer of Companion Parrots. Are you located in
Washington State and looking for a companion parrot? Well, you have come to the right place. Go to Rosie's for great deals on parrot supplies!
We hand-raise the finest exotic baby birds in our home for a home. We work with a private breeder network that allows us to offer Macaws, Cockatoos, Amazons, African Greys, Conures, Poicephalis, Eclectus and more. Visit our Parrot Photo Gallery for a list of the species of birds we have access to. Our babies get lots of love and and affection: hand-feeding, playtime, baths and socialization with other birds, in a stress-free and safe environment.
(We do not ship our birds.)









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AFA Level 1 Certification
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American Federation of Aviculture

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